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Our story

Shmeer Digital Consultancy was established in 2016 as a full cycle family-run online marketing company and has grown into a fully-blown digital marketing agency since 2018. Our success has been ,and is, measured with an array of clients, repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals of around 90% of our clients. Our approach is simple, to the point and truthful. We tell you things the way we see it and we don’t try to sugar-coat it because we think it might get us more business or better reviews. We believe honesty is key when exchanging with our clients (and vice-versa) and we certainly do our part.

Our mission is to give you the same chance of succeeding as the big companies have. Of course, depending on the industry that can mean a bigger effort for that cause but we truly believe this is doable and we have the know-how getting you there.

For us, if we design a website for a client it is not the end of our relationship but only the beginning. We want you to have the visibility of knowing who your visitors are, can they become customers, what parts they like or dislike about your website and how they prefer to interact with you. All these valuable metrics we can implement and teach you how to read your data so you would always be able to measure your market in real time.