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How to stand out among millions of other apps

App SEO is a term used for an array of activities meant to promote and to better position your app on search engines and app store. Just like regular SEO the goal is the same here, getting you more and better organic traffic that is not generated only through an advertising campaign.

Sure, an advertising campaign is a very valuable tool that we also recommend alongside an SEO effort but as a sole marketing strategy it is wrong because it is very costly in the short & long term. Mobile apps are so popular that more than 46 million get downloaded every day!

What makes App SEO different from regular SEO? for starts, you need to promote your app both on search engines and on your Google Play / iTunes app stores. Secondly, the volume of this market is immense. dozens of millions are downloaded on a daily basis from the app stores and the numbers are just growing! This means that the competition is fierce so the approach should be different. Here at Shmeer we are experienced marketers who’ve been involved in all stages of an app development. We know the current trends on the app stores and how to generate more traffic depending on your respective niche or segment.

One of our biggest advantages in this field is being very experienced marketers. We already do and offer App store marketing¬†(ASO) service to our clients which the App SEO complements. This gives us the knowledge other SEO companies just don’t. Most of them will just try to implement regular SEO methods without realising that they are fighting a very different “war” and should use completely different “weapons”.

With app SEO and app marketing you can be assured that we optimise and utilise the best techniques in the market. Link building is paramount and your app rising up the rankings meaning it will be more likely to be downloaded and earn you money.

As app development and app creation is so popular right now, there is a very high demand for people needing to get their app marketing just right. And that?s where we come into it.


We charge a flat rate of $1,000 per month for app SEO. Contact us for a quote if you would need both App Store Marketing + App SEO

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