I’ve already discussed the best Instagram Growth techniques in an earlier post. This time I’d like to elaborate on the best Instagram growth service.

There is a reason why I decided to dedicate a post to this. Instagram growth services are essential to all Instagram users planning to make Instagram as a revenue channel.

This does not have to be necessarily selling on Instagram directly but if you think traffic from Instagram could be valuable for your website then keep on reading.

In my opinion the best value of a good Instagram growth service is time saving. To grow your account (and this is especially true for new accounts) you must be active. It’s not enough to post photos or other type of content. You also need to like other photos and follow relevant accounts. If you don’t think this is time consuming then you couldn’t be more wrong.

So unless you have nothing else to do and following and liking others is something you enjoy then and only then you might get similar results as an Instagram growth service.

Otherwise, this type of service is invaluable! But…. surprisingly it’s much more affordable than you could imagine.

Most good services charge $35-40 for the basic monthly plan and this is a very good start.

Nevertheless, this is not magic! You need to do some homework before you activate this service. You need to know and note a list of your competitors, accounts you’d like to target, hashtags that are relevant and so on. If you don’t know your audience they won’t either.

Assuming you do a good job (and it’s not that hard) you will see a spike in your daily followers and likes. It’s important to note that good services bring organic followers. That means they are followers that actually wanted to follow or like your photo. This also mean that if you decide to terminate the service your followers stay with you!

What do we use? We recommend?Social Captain.?To be clear: We are a partner of this service but we are also users! Believe me we tried several such services, all with good and bad attributes but we like the most Social Captain.

First, they have an amazing dashboard where you can tweak almost anything you could to set it up correctly.

And second, (and most important) they deliver results better than other services we’ve tried.

In the end of the day, you use Instagram and other social platforms to interact with your audience and Social captain seem to bring more people that interact with us. That is worth a lot!

What about the pro plans? well most of the services offer such a plan. In essence this is the same as the basic plan but on speeds… It costs $80-100 monthly depends on the service but… If you’re only starting you don’t really need it. You’ll be happy with the basic plan.

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