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I’ve already discussed the best Instagram Growth techniques in an earlier post. This time I’d like to elaborate on the best Instagram growth service.

There is a reason why I decided to dedicate a post to this. Instagram growth services are essential to all Instagram users planning to make Instagram as a revenue channel.

This does not have to be necessarily selling on Instagram directly but if you think traffic from Instagram could be valuable for your website then keep on reading.

In my opinion the best value of a good Instagram growth service is time saving. To grow your account (and this is especially true for new accounts) you must be active. It’s not enough to post photos or other type of content. You also need to like other photos and follow relevant accounts. If you don’t think this is time consuming then you couldn’t be more wrong.

So unless you have nothing else to do and following and liking others is something you enjoy then and only then you might get similar results as an Instagram growth service.

Otherwise, this type of service is invaluable! But…. surprisingly it’s much more affordable than you could imagine.

Most good services charge $35-40 for the basic monthly plan and this is a very good start.

Nevertheless, this is not magic! You need to do some homework before you activate this service. You need to know and note a list of your competitors, accounts you’d like to target, hashtags that are relevant and so on. If you don’t know your audience they won’t either.

Assuming you do a good job (and it’s not that hard) you will see a spike in your daily followers and likes. It’s important to note that good services bring organic followers. That means they are followers that actually wanted to follow or like your photo. This also mean that if you decide to terminate the service your followers stay with you!

What do we use? We recommend Social Captain. To be clear: We are a partner of this service but we are also users! Believe me we tried several such services, all with good and bad attributes but we like the most Social Captain.

First, they have an amazing dashboard where you can tweak almost anything you could to set it up correctly.

And second, (and most important) they deliver results better than other services we’ve tried.

In the end of the day, you use Instagram and other social platforms to interact with your audience and Social captain seem to bring more people that interact with us. That is worth a lot!

What about the pro plans? well most of the services offer such a plan. In essence this is the same as the basic plan but on speeds… It costs $80-100 monthly depends on the service but… If you’re only starting you don’t really need it. You’ll be happy with the basic plan.

Not sure if this is for you? Then just click below on our free consultation form.

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If you’re on Instagram you know how followers are important. If you’re not, then you should be. Growing your Instagram followers base not only validates that your account is popular and worth following but it also brings you more engagements. Comments and Likes are very important because they should others that your followers are engaged and engagement could mean $$$ down the road.

So how should you grow your Instagram followers base organically? Here are 15 ways for doing it. You don’t really have to choose, you can decide you want to try them all or just a couple.

  1. Consistency – It doesn’t really matter what your account is about but what’s important is to stay consistent. Don’t just jump from one subject to the other. It will only confuse your followers and that’s not what you want.
  2. Hashtags Research – Don’t just use hashtags with millions of posts. Your post might get lost in the clutter if you do. Instead try to find hashtags that are popular & active and where your post could actually be seen.
  3. Tagging – Look for  large accounts with many followers to feature you. Getting featured by a big account can lead to a spike in your followers. It is not a full-proof strategy but if you have quality content the chances are certainly higher. You could also do the same with tagging a list of your competitor followers who tend to engage with them regularly
  4. Engage with followers – They already follow you so you know they’re your fans (at least that’s the hope). If you engage with them on a regular basis they will probably share your account with their friends and followers. You can try tagging them in the comments of your posts. In return this will boost your posts with likes.
  5. Liking Other Photo – Try to find photos in your niche and like them. Even better if you go through the followers of your competitors and like their photos too. In return, they will probably like yours and engage with you.
  6. Similar accounts – same as above but instead of going through their list of followers you should try to reach out to them and try cross-promotion.
  7. Hashtags placement – Don’t just clutter your post. Use page breaks to make the post much easier to read.
  8. Incentives – Reward your followers with some discounts or freebies if you are selling a product. Of course you have to make sure you don’t just giveaway stuff. Ask for likes or other types of engagement. This strategy could bring lots of traffic to your account or website.
  9. Use stories – Right after posting a new photo upload the same one to a story with your account name and encourage people to engage with it. You will see that this strategy bring much more likes and followers than just posting.
  10. If your content is popular and re-posted by others then engage with the people who like it. Keep track of the people who liked it and convert them to new likes and followers on your account.
  11. Facebook Ads – First, this will yield the best results if you already created a group of loyal followers on instagram. Find the best post you had on instagram and boost it for $1 a day to a large audience in your target country.
  12. Sharing content – This really depends on the type of account you have because sharing other people content may not be relevant to you. If it is then this strategy will increase you account visibility and encourage people who want to be shared on your account to use your hashtag and tag you.
  13. Automation Tools – Find several competitor accounts with the followers you want and use an automation tool to engage with those people at a scale you can’t possibly do on your own. This will increase the chances they will be engaging back.
  1. S4S – Or Shout-Out For Shout-Out, Find accounts in your niche and ask them if they are interested in S4S. There are many forums and groups on instant messaging apps dedicated to that and this strategy, though a bit less straightforward, is proven.

There are obviously many other ways to increase your followers base but I believe that if you follow these steps you will genuinely and organically increase your followers base in no time. Just be consistent and good luck!

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Let me just start with the conclusion here. Reviews are a great way of boosting your traffic to your website!

Not only that, they are one of the cheapest ways of promoting your brand if, and only if, you do it right.

Now what do I mean by all that? and how you do it the RIGHT way?

Well first a bit of overview of the different type of popular reviews out there.

  1. Site reviews – These are simply reviews left on a dedicated space on your site. Some site owners leave that option or add it and others don’t. It really depends on what your offering. If you are an eCommerce site then this might be highly beneficial for you to show user review for shoppers because it a) increase confidence in other visitors and b) increase your conversion and… Let’s face it, that’s your goal in the end.
  2. Google – If you are a business especially local then Google My Business is probably the most important source of reviews you should focus on. If you have many (and good) reviews Google will prioritise your business when someone is searching for the type of service you are providing. This is a great and free source of traffic!
  3. Facebook / Social media – Like Google this is another free way of getting reviews so if you don’t have a business page on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or others you should have one! The first advantage is the high domain authority of these network which Google prioritise over others. The second is these networks are uber popular thus it makes it another channel of drawing visitors to your site / store / blog.
  4. Specialised forums – Some of them are niche, others are very popular but the underlying theme is that they are specialised so if you get reviews on these forums it increases your page rank and obviously your visitors. It is however, very important to choose the right forum. It wouldn’t be very helpful to have a presence on a forum around traveling if you sell furnitures right?
  5. Directories – Traditionally that’s where all the different SEO companies used to get their backlinks from. They are not as popular as they used to be but there is still some importance to them especially if they are local ones like Angie’s List and similar.

Now that we’ve covered the main sources reviews are coming from let’s discuss how to get them. First, there isn’t just one way of doing that. It is actually considered kind of a fine art and ideally should be part of your CRM. However, the quick answer would be just to ask for them. If your customers don’t know it is important for you they will never voluntarily give them. But there are ways of doing it without making it too difficult for your customers. I will cover this topic in length at a later post but there are many features that can prompt your customers to leave a review. Many business also use some incentives to compensate your visitors for the time they dedicate. Others just embed the review features within emails or messages by that making it super easy for a customer just returning an email with the review. With the right system these reviews will then populate all the sites that are relevant for you.

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A very common misconception is that an SEO Plan comes only to outline the list of activities you are going to do to promote your website on Google and other search engines.

In fact, there is no set of rules or activities that could fit all websites. there is no one size fits all kind of thing here. So the role of a plan is very important.

Factors like the market, industry, region and current position of the website / app can change dramatically your approach.

A good SEO plan outlines the objectives, the list of activities and also lists milestones so you will always see the progress and if needed also tweak the plan to adjust to a changing environment.

Contact us today and we will outline an SEO Plan for you or if you’re still not certain we always offer the service of a free initial consultation with new customers.

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Well the simple answer is… It depends… SEO results rely on so many factors so seeing a trend changing is not something that can or should be measured in day but rather weeks or months.

There are many reasons why it is like that but the important ones are:

  1. Consistency: Search engines crawl your website. They look for changes. If you have a one page site that never changes then this is problematic. On the other hand, if you keep updating and adding relevant content then you will be “rewarded” by Google. So in this case, the way and quality are far more important than quantity.
  2. Crawlers: Search engines crawl your site, map it and look for changes. But as the name suggests the natures of the method is slow… One reason for it is that there are millions of sites and billions of web pages. Google and others crawl all of them again and again. It takes time…
  3. Time: Apart from crawlers getting good SEO results takes time. It is not that easy placing high quality backlinks and creating good content. optimising the site, especially if there was no SEO done previously can be tedious.
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