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To learn more about our approuch and to understand what is digital marketing? Read the article below.

In simple words, Digital Marketing is all the marketing efforts / techniques that use an internet medium or an electronic device.

While traditional marketing is limited to print, phone, TV or in-person techniques, the digital space offers almost endless opportunities to present and represent your brand and generate leads or sales. Mediums like search-engines, social media, email, video or your own website each offer countless ways to attract new audiences or maintain / enhance them with your current customers or followers.

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing concerns its cost. You don’t need a huge budget to have an effective digital strategy. If your business is small or just started there are steps every marketer can take that won’t cost them a cent. On the other hand, ecommerce campaign for example that span over several channels can be very costly.

It all depends on your budget and your targets. A good digital marketer will know right away what is the correct marketing strategy and how to match the digital channel that is right for YOUR business to your needs and goals.


A very common misconception about the term Digital Marketing is that it is equivalent with SEO when in fact, SEO is a part of SEM and the latter is a faction within a whole set of activities referred as digital marketing. Activities like content management, campaign management, social media, PR, pay-per-click management and much more… These are all services we offer specialise in. Depending on the client and scope of project some or all might be needed but the key takeaway here is that there are many creative solutions to a problem. The good thing is that on the web everyone is equal and even if you are a small company or you have an unknown product you still have a good chance to succeed if you employ the correct strategy and follow a well designed marketing plan.?

Shmeer Digital offers to centralize your marketing efforts on the internet and other digital & electronic mediums. We will build a strategy around your needs and we will work with your marketing team to implement it or execute it in-house in case your business does not employ digital marketers.?

We focus on the web, mobile and display advertising and create a strategy that will work best to bring your brand, website or app to the front and distinguish it from the millions of others out there.

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