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Content Marketing is a set of marketing techniques under the umbrella of content management (CM). At Shmeer we focus on digital content because this is our biggest strength and and for this matter it can be text (web pages, documents, etc) or multimedia (photos, video, audio).

The importance of Content Management and Marketing in todays world is invaluable. Companies, brands and people are creating huge amounts of content on many different channels and sending the right message i very important.

Of course, accidentally sending the wrong message on some of these channels can have catastrophic results that could be very difficult to reverse.

At Shmeer we take all of this seriously and first we work with you to understand your needs, your vision and match your content to the position your are in your company / brand lifecycle to deliver a concise message to take you further. Read here about the full suite we offer under Digital Marketing.

The type of projects we do for our clients under content marketing can include:

Web Pages

We create websites but apart from regular pages there are many other pages that can and should promote your brand and your products and that should be designed in a way that they will convert users to paying customers. A well written and designed page can do wonders to your brand and sales!

Social Media

We manage social accounts and the messages that are delivered on them. It is not enough being on social media because for your brand and your company to succeed you have to be seen! You have to remain active, connect with the right users and promote what is valuable for you.

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