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E-commerce Is Like A Battlefield And To Make It There You Need A Strategy That Covers All The Touch Points And Channels.

ECommerce is booming and is everywhere! It?s enough to see the success of Amazon since they launched the marketplace and how it changed our life since. But Amazon is not alone and with giants like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and Big-Commerce it is now easier than ever to sell your products online. If you?re considering opening an online store whether as a standalone business or as a new source of revenue Shmeer Digital can help you! We have experience covering the entire life cycle of an online store from designing a concept, building the store, maintenance, sales management, digital marketing and ad campaigns to generate more sales. Feel free to contact us free of charge and let?s discuss your project. We promise you will get our honest opinion and whether you decide to work with us or not will be totally up to you!

Our digital marketing consultancy is available on a project or per hour basis. Contact us today and let’s talk. We will work with you and with your budget and create the best strategy and marketing plan. Our plans are clear, easy to execute and with simple actionable items. Remember that an investment in an ecommerce website or project can be modest if you are using a platform like Shopify and your business model is POD (Print On Demand). They can also be very capital intensive if you make all your products abroad and buy lots of inventory with your own branding.

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