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To Make It Big On The World’s Biggest E-commerce Platform You Need Planning And You Need A Partner That Knows How It Works

Amazon is the world’s biggest marketplace by a huge margin. As of 2019, 47% of Americans started their search for products on Amazon first and only if they didn’t find what they were looking for they tried Google.

In comparison, only 35% of Americans first searched Google and even then they went to Amazon in many cases.

This makes Amazon the most important ECommerce sales channel out there and if you have an online store not being there is like giving away money to your competition.

Are there any cons? Well of course, as you might have expected Amazon takes its cut. The commission they take on each sale range between 10-20% and if you add FBA fees and advertising then your total costs can easily be around 30-35%.

Does that mean you can’t make a profit on Amazon? Not of course not. There are millions of sellers on the Amazon marketplace for a reason! But… you do need to be aware of your cost structure. Your margin you be such that will let you be competitive even with all these added costs.

What if it isn’t? Then you’ve probably chosen the wrong product or the wrong suppliers.

Your Amazon Partner

We are aware that you have a business to run and opening a new sales channel might require resources that you don’t currently have or you’re not sure you want to invest in.

This is why we want to partner with you! We will make sure your brand is well represented and prove to you that this marketplace is nothing but profitable!

Our Services:

Sales & Development

We’ve managed and developed several stores. We will work with you to determine the right price strategy and product descriptions to show your products best features and to increase your sales continually and surpass your competition.

Brand Management

We will work with your brand manager to make sure your brand and message are well delivered and aligned with your other sales channels. In case you are a new business or brand we can work on a brand offer with you and identify the proper market segments it should target.

Ads Management

Ads are huge on Amazon and especially for a new store they are important because they help you get more exposure, awareness and validation. They are truly a sales booster and though not totally different than Google Ads there are some unique aspects to Amazon which with our help you’ll use to help generate superior return.

Inventory Management

While we won’t be in charge of your actual inventory we can certainly offer to manage it. Inventory on Amazon and specifically on FBA is strategic to your business and closely tied to your marketing efforts. If the two are not aligned then you can easily find yourself in a bad spot which not only affects your sales but can also lead to sanctions by the marketplace giant.

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