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Everything You Need To Know About Web Hosting And Different Email Services

Hosting & Email is at the basis for any company that would like a web presence. Before even thinking about a website it is important taking a moment thinking about this issue because there are many solutions and many providers.

We work with the best providers and offer to our clients a hosting and email service that truly fits their needs. For example if you are a law office that operates in the DC metro area your needs would be very different than a European eCommerce website. The difference would be in the location of servers, in the security needs because having payment options on your site have very different security needs than a website that is mostly informational and lastly of course in the response time of the servers.

To match you with the best plan you will define your goals and our experts at Shmeer will give you the best offer to help you getting there.

What are some of the advantages of our service?

  • Support – Support is offered 7 days a week and help you with uploading or backing up with your site whether you have technical knowledge or none
  • One bill – For our existing digital marketing / SEO clients this is a value added service that allows them to enjoy all of these services from one provider at an advantageous price
  • Scalability – Whether your site is small but with big aspirations our plans and servers allow for a very easy scalability like the addition of space, dedicated servers, etc to support your business as it is growing
  • Dedicated email – For all our clients we offer a free of charge email service with your domain name. As an option, we also offer this option to work with the Gmail for their easy to use and secure interface
  • Backup – Your site and email accounts are backed-up on a daily basis. You will never lose your proprietary information and only you will have access to it

Our hosting packages are affordable and scalable. See Below:

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