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Local SEO

In A Nutshell The Principles Are Very Similar But Local SEO Is A Lot More Focused Than Regular SEO.

Local SEO is a form of SEO that is very targeted or localised. It is mainly used for local businesses that know exactly who their target audience is and don?t really care about other regions / countries.

This set of techniques is ideal for brick&mortar shops or any other local business with a physical presence. It is also used for bigger companies that want to target a specific audience as part of their bigger SEO efforts.

There are many similarities with normal link building techniques we use but with local SEO it is important to know the region / area / niche you are trying to rank and build your presence.

For example, if you want to rank your website for a law office in Paris or Michigan If you want to rank your website for accountants in London then we will help you build a Google Places page and this helps bolster your local SEO ranking.

We will build your presence on Google and other directories making sure we use all the keywords that are relevant for your business and could drive the right local traffic to you. For local businesses it is many times irrelevant if visitors way outside of their region see their site. The same thing goes for business hours. So if you only care about having visitors to your site during your working hours and from your time zone this is another aspect we could help you with.

With Shmeer you can use our monthly plan for us to work on your local SEO link building and presence. First we would work on your site, making sure all the relevant pages are optimised and create others that we think could help. Once this is done then we start the local SEO backlinks and increasing your local presence.

We have done many local SEO projects in the US east coast and midwest and we are also very focused locally on the UK and France.

Many business managers and site owners believe that having a website is enough to generate traffic to it. First, this is just not true because with the amount of sites in existence many sites don?t get visitors at all. Moreover, there is a misconception that a paid marketing campaign is the only way of getting customers to your site. While this is not a bad way (and a way which we also offer and manage for our clients) it will never get to the numbers you wish if your website and online presence are not optimised. A marketing campaign together with an SEO effort are more powerful than just spending all your budget on advertising and often cheaper?

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