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Maintanance & Management Are As Important As Web Design And Keep Your Site Up To Date.

If you own a website then Website maintenance and support is a vital to your business health. Often this is something that is overlooked by business owners. They tend to think that once a website is built and working then it won’t change or that no bugs can appear. In reality there are so many issues that not might but WILL happen. This is why maintenance is so important!

Think of a website like your car. It needs constant maintenance and followup and without it even the best cars would stop to function. Like cars websites can offer a high degree of automation and analytics but you still need someone to read the data and decide what is the best course of action to keep this machine working.

You might ask yourself, ok, what sort of issues might I expect without maintenance?

First of all, links change, go bad, grow old for many reasons. So pages that you link to might result in a 404 error and that Google doesn’t like. It is important to replace those links as soon as possible. Second, many sites are using plugins that sometimes might have compatibility issues with browsers, with your website, etc and this might cause whole sections of your website from stopping to work.

Moreover, if you add fresh content periodically whether it is for a blog or you just add pages for your website someone needs to make sure those pages are working and linked correctly with the rest of your website.

Whether you have one or several websites, we provide a measurable and very valuable service.

Some key facts about our website maintenance and support service:

  • Bad Links / 404 errors – We will solve those errors within one day after being spotted!
  • Page / Post creation – Don’t think too much about creating the page or its design. Just give us the content and we will upload it immediately.
  • Maintaining your sitemap – To make sure search engines could crawl your site we will update your sitemap and make sure new items are added and old are deleted
  • Site health – monitoring the status and health of your site. Making sure the host and servers function properly and alert you if changes are needed
  • Backup – whatever happens you should know that we will always backup your site. Sometimes sites get hacked or crash because of a human mistake. Backing up your site allows you to restart from the last point before the issue has occurred.
  • Support – If you would like to add functions, features and you would like to consult with out experts we will be there to give you advice.
  • Rapid response ? we provide a quick response and will solve the issue within one working day
  • Our team ? we have a good team of web developers, designers and programmers that are available to answer any problems you may have

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