Performance Marketing

results driven. measurable. actionable marketing

Performance Marketing encompases all the marketing activities where you pay for a specific desired performance or action which can be anything from a click, sign-up, sale, lead and more.

As a result, performance marketing is very data driven. Everything is documented, can be measured, analized and used to generate actionable insights.

Types Of Performance Marketing

The most popular performance marketing channel can be explored through the pay-per-click programs of Google and Bing search engines where the level of data is such that can be measured and actioned upon

Notably ad programs offered by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin. They offer great level of segmentation and precision actions.

A highly popular marketing type where brands get free marketing and promotions from other marketers / sites in return for an incentive.

When is comes to SEM it includes efforts to increase visibility and clicks via organic and paid advertising. Since the organic part is SEO we will focus on paid advertising (PPC).

Thanks to the Google Ads & Google Analytics, SEM is the most popular performance marketing channel.

What makes performance marketing very effective using the above tools is that it allows you to put your ads in front of the people and segments you define and that have a real intent to purchase.

On top of that you are provided with an analytics systems the allows you to direct, analyse, improve and generate insights from every type of data generated.

At the heart of every SEM method you have keywords and performance marketing gives you a level of tracking that is unmatched with. Using both SEO and PPC tools you get a level of granularity on each keywords chosen and what would be needed to be ranked higher on it.

Performance marketing is a complex process, but understanding it is critical to achieving high ROI.

What Makes It Unique?

Unlike traditional forms of marketing, when it comes to performance marketing the advertiser does not pay an upfront fee on ad spending but pays for EACH desired performance separately.

That means that you only pay for a successful behaviour / conversion which can be translated into thousands of dollars in ads savings with a much higher ROI.

Measuring Success

It’s clear that performance marketing can help you achieve superior results but it’s also very important to keep track on those results and to constantly analyse and improve them. 

If your campaign is set right it will be easy for any marketing person to maintain and improve the campaign and use  simple data analysis techniques to get a clear picture of your campaign progress.

Our Approach 

Shmeer offers a holistic approach to every digital project we are involved in. We are very data driven but understand that what hides behind the numbers are people and actions that are sometimes very emotional. If you would like to discuss in more detail just contact us or use the form below

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