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Shmeer digital agency is a premium boutique digital marketing & SEO company that offers you quality, sound advice and uses unique methods to put your site at an advantage compared to your peers. We know how search engines work and we understand why your site or app might not be performing the way you thought it should be.

The importance of search engines, like Google, is key to the success of your site. Optimising your site, your content on it and other channels is something that will bring you more traffic and conversions. Who doesn’t want that?

Of course, you can decide to take the easy route and invest in a marketing campaign but… There are issues with that approach:

  1. A paid marketing campaign is the most expensive form of promotion there is.
  2. The moment you stop the campaign the results go away i.e. you have to keep fueling your paid marketing campaign to see results.
  3. Paid marketing campaign is optimised only when used with other methods of digital marketing.

And here we come back to SEO. Optimising your site on and off it is what going to generate organic traffic. If you do it the right way this organic traffic will be targeted and help you in converting those visitors. This is in fact why you pay for advertising but in search engine optimisation your customers keep coming back organically!

Let’s touch on Web design. It is very important and also a service we offer our clients. But having a website and being present on the web is will not bring you any users. The fact that your site is “present” does nothing to its “presence” on the web. In order to get organic clients search engines need to know how to find you, they don’t just show anything on their page results. They need to know what terms your site or service should be associated with, what questions or needs does it answer, who are your competitors, where do you operate and when and how other people / websites regard you.

All this is what lies behind search engine optimisation. The misconception is that SEO’s goal is only to get you to Google’s first page. Well, while this is very important and highly regarded it should never be a goal. A viable goal should be getting more quality traffic to your site or to have a better conversion of visitors to paying customer. Being ranked on Google’s first page is only a way getting there.



Our SEO consultancy is available on a project / hourly basis. Contact us today for a free consultation and let us know the issues you are facing. Before any project we always do an SEO audit which is a thorough analysis of your site, pages, your presence on the web, the keywords you rank for and the ones you should be ranked for. This helps knowing the scope of the work and is a good basis and practice for evaluation. An SEO audit is free of charge if you subscribe to one of our plans!

Having been in the Digital Marketing, SEO, content and link building since 2012 we have worked with hundreds of web developers, designers, large multinationals, other SEO companies and business people to help them realise what is needed to rank higher in the search engine results pages but more important… getting them more & better traffic that converts to a paying customer.

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