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Link Building

The Delicate Art Of Weaving And Connecting A Website To Other Sites In A Way That Increases Its Relevance & Authority.

Link Building is truly an art and something that although it is very easy to explain in reality is not that straightforward. At Shmeer we use conventional and non-conventional techniques to get us and you to where we think you need to be.

In simple words, links are what Google and other search engines that crawl the internet how well connected is your site to others. The more links you have the more connected your site is on this massive spider web called the internet. But hang on, It is far from being just a quantity game because the quality of the links, the pages they are linked to, the rank of the websites they are linked to and the pages / articles they link all play a factor in how valuable a link will be. For example, a link from Wikipedia is far more valuable than a comment linked from a blog…

Our link building techniques are second to none. We’ve been doing link building for clients and other SEO companies alike. As a result we’ve developed an expertise that is highly regarded and very difficult to replicate.

Most SEO companies work slowly or very much “by the book” but fail to understand (or cant understand) the ways and needs of search engines. We do! We don’t mean that playing by the book is inherently wrong because there are many techniques that are correct and considered as good practices by all. The issue arise when “the book” is being used and followed by all. When that happens (and it does) then to give you an edge good Digital Marketing & SEO companies need to be much more creative and this is why the techniques we use are kept closely with us.

Link building is far from being easy. It takes a lot of time, planning and work to get valuable links in the right places. You should try to think of it as the equivalent of a PR work. Sure, you can be loud and shout out to the whole world but that often will bring you the opposite results. Instead we build ties and connections with strategic people / influencers / companies that will place you in a very advantageous position compared to your peers.

At Shmeer we use dozens of ways and strategies to build links. For some clients we will use only a few but for others we might use many more. It all depends on the situation and your current competitive environment. Call us today to receive a free evaluation.

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