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What Are The Advantages To Being On The World’s Leading E-commerce Platform.

If you have some eCommerce aspirations then you must’ve heard of Shopify. Shmeer Digital is a proud Shopify Partner. We develop, setup and manage ecommerce stores on the best ecommerce platform in the world.

Shopify is the also largest and most popular ecommerce platform in the world. It’s true that if you pay a developer to build your store you might get a more personalized site but the options that Shopify offers are countless. There are so many themes and apps that you can add the basic stores and, in the rare case, you need something that was is not available there are thousands of Shopify developers that will be happy to help for a fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Where To Start?

So you have an idea for a store, what’s next? How should you build it? How do you create products? What is your marketing plan? Do you use one or several ecommerce platforms?

Costs & Features

Shopify is a subscription based platform with very affordable plans starting at $29. If you compare this to the cost structure you would have from operating and hosting your own store then you’d probably end up paying a lot more doing it yourself?

But that’s not all, the real advantage of Shopify is that you get everything under one roof:

Fast Load Time

Shopify hosts your site on very fast servers located around the world making sure it will load fast no matter where you access the store from


Shopify is a relatively closed system which means it is very secure and each store on the platform gets the highest protection on the market.

Payment Gateways

Shopify can integrate nearly 200 different payment gateways as well as free ones like Stripe and PayPal that come with it.


Setting up shipping rules is very easy on this platform and thanks to its size you are also eligible to preferred rates if you wish to ship through the agreements they reached.

Unlimited products

Size is not an issue here. If you are on a paid plan you can add as many products as you’d like and take as much disk space as you’d like for the same price.

Abandoned cart recovery

Unlike other platforms this feature is FREE on Shopify and all the Ecommerce marketers can attest to its importance.


There are so many themes to choose from making sure your store will look unique. Some are free others are paid but the cost is always a fraction of what it would cost you hiring a developer.

24/7 Support

This may sound trivial to some people but having an around the clock support is important on many levels and this is unmatched with compared to the alternatives.

There are tons of other free and paid features but if you are just starting with ecommerce this is more than enough!


Alone Or With A Shopify Partner?

Can you do it alone? Well if you are slightly tech savvy then yes, of course! And the good thing is that you get 14 days FREE trial!


Why Partner With Us?

The short answer is… We will save you both time and money!

While it is true that you can work on your site by yourself and get good results the fact is, if you?are not a seasoned web designer this process might take too much time and just eat up your free 14 day trial period.

Shmeer Digital, as a Shopify Partner can develop your store:

  1. Quickly
  2. Professionally and…
  3. Since Shmeer is a Shopify Partner we can create development stores which mean we can work on them as long as required without the need for you to start the paid plan. that can save you many dollars.

What About Pricing?

Our plans are super affordable and start only at $150 for a basic store! If you take in the number of hours need to spend on a store our pricing is very reasonable.

Also, as your Shopify partner we always stay around to support you with whatever else you might need down the road.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project!

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