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Shmeer Digital is a full suite digital marketing agency. We cover everything from brand strategy to SEO & PPC

"Having Shmeer on our side really helped boosting our traffic and ad revenues."

Search Engine Optimization

If you want your site to be discovered and you don’t have bottomless advertising budget then Search Engine Optimization-SEO should be a key marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization
Digital marketing

Understanding Digital Marketing

Whether your business is only digital or just partly there is no doubt that having a digital strategy is key.

ecommerce management

There are so many digital sales channels today and the fact is… You want to be on most of them. Managing is our expertise and our goal is growing your sales.

ecommerce management

our services include

Digital marketing

Digital Strategy

Having so many marketing channels can be a bless or a curse and generating a value can only be made with a good digital strategy.

Performance Marketing

This is the fastest growing marketing domain today and to join it you need good data. We will help you with your analytics systems and insights creation.

ecommerce management

ECommerce Management

We offer Amazon and Etsy management as well as Shopify & Big Commerce platforms sites building and management.

email content marketing

Email Marketing

If you have a big client list or you'd like to grow it then email marketing is a channel that brings consistent result.

Search Engine Optimization


Your business can be local, global, brick n' mortar or an ecommerce one. Each needs a different SEO strategy. We will make sure it is tailored to your needs

email content marketing

Content Marketing

Whether it's your content strategy or your content itself we can help with quality content like newsletters, articles, posts and more.

social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

If you're worried about your social media content, Instagram & Facebook followers or campaigns on social platforms, contact us.

Web Design

Whether you are an internet based business or not you need a modern website. We can help build ecommerce or wordpress websites that are easy to be maintained.


Make a beautiful website

It has never been easier to create pages and websites on Shopify